November 26, 2015

Where to Eat || Miann

Those who know me are definitely aware that I'm an avid fan of dessert, especially cakes! I always get excited whenever I hear about a new dessert place in town - it means my friends and I will get to try more delicious cakes! (and add more calories to our bodies)

Most of my friends are overseas at the moment so they haven't tried this new place yet ;) I've been sending them photos of these delicious gateaus and rich, scrumptious iced drinks - and they're constantly begging me to take them there once they get back!

Once you enter Miann, you're in for a treat. The first thing you'll see are the big cabinets filled with mouth-watering cakes, macarons, and colourful sorbets. I was pretty overwhelmed with all the choices, as they all look delicious! As you can see on the photos, I actually bought 3 gateaus and 1 iced chocolate. Normally, I would go for my 'safe bet' (aka anything that has lots of chocolate in it) but I decided to be more adventurous and try other flavours.

The gateaus are worth $8-8.50, which is the typical price for dessert boutiques here in Auckland. All 3 cakes that I bought are rich in flavour, that you'd savour every bite to fully appreciate it. I can pretty much tell that they outsource only the best ingredients - which speaks for the taste and quality of their desserts. 

The ones I tried are: White Forest, Salted Caramel with Chocolate Sponge and Rice Crackle, Dulce de leche Gateau, and Iced Chocolate with caramel. I would recommend ordering those when you visit Miann but if you only have to get one, I would go with Dulce de leche (especially if you love mangoes and coconut!) You can thank me later ;)

I would definitely drag my friends to Miann once they all get back here in NZ. A perfect place to catch up and indulge on dessert!


My sister brought home some macarons and they are THE BOMB. Especially the dulce and pistachio ones.

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